What Floors Fit the Colour Trends of 2021?

Oct 28, 2021

With the beginning of each season comes a new colour trend, and when looking to redecorate your home, it’s important to bear this in mind. As we step into Autumn and look ahead to the new year, here’s the colour palette everyone’s talking about!

Is the Grey to Stay?

Grey has been the ideal colour for a few years now, but is it finally coming to an end? It’s modern and adds that touch of elegance to any room and goes with just about anything, so we think that grey will be sticking around for a little while longer.

Grey flooring has definitely become much more popular over 2021 and makes such an impact when you step into the room. We love seeing the difference our grey Ca’Pietra makes to the entire aesthetic of a home.

Neutral Makes an Impact

Neutral colours, like muted browns, greens and off-whites are experiencing a surge in popularity. With Autumn now upon us, these colours create a beautiful earthy, warm theme that not only provides a stunning minimalist feel correlating to the season but also gives you endless décor possibilities.

Our Ca’Pietra tiles can be laid to tie in with this neutral theme, and despite the muted colours, create an absolute showstopper in your home. We highly recommend jumping on the Ca’Pietra wall trend and creating a feature piece in your most-used rooms. Take a look at our website for examples of how to really make a standout element.

Never Say No to Bold

Despite neutral colours definitely being in this season, the complete other end of the spectrum is highly popular at the moment too! Adding a really bright, exotic pop of colour against those muted, neutral tones and greys immediately draws the eye and highlights the area.

Painting a small section of the wall in a bold colour then hanging a mirror or placing another décor right in front of that area grabs your attention and breaks up the room. If you don’t feel like painting, some of our Ca’Pietra tiles contain brilliant, strong colours that can create a huge impact by creating a feature wall, or even using them as flooring to make a certain part of your home really grab people’s attention.

A Mood For Blue

Here at Aviva Stone, we’ve certainly noticed a rise in demand for our blue Ca’Pietra tiles. Blue is such as beautiful colour with so many different shades that compliment not only each other but any other colour so well.

Deep, rich blues can create a very elegant, sophisticated feel, whilst lighter shades can add that touch of sea and sand that reminds you of the holiday. Combined with neutral shades, a more traditional, rustic feel can be created instigating a calming ambience. Harsh blues with bright colours make a bold statement and are fantastic for feature walls and emphasising a modern home.

The Verdict

Having a bright, colourful kitchen with the rest of your home in muted tones and greys definitely seems like the way to go as we venture into the winter and start of 2022! Our team is full of amazing ideas on how to help these trends come to life in your home, and our stunning Ca’Pietra tiles are a fantastic option when it comes to creating an ambience. Our wooden flooring is beautiful too and adds depth and warmth to any room in your home that compliments both neutrals and bold colours effortlessly. If you want a hand trying to find some inspiration, please get in contact with our team today!