Bespoke wooden flooring

We stock and supply engineered Oak and Walnut flooring for your home. Create the home you have always dreamed of with our stunning floors.

Are you dreaming of bespoke wooden floors for your home? Maybe you are looking for a beautiful Walnut wooden floor for your front room or an elegant Oak hallway? A wooden floor adds depth and warmth and it will look great for years to come.

Here at Avivastone, we can help you to transform your dreams into reality.
With a huge range of stock, we supply the finest stone for our clients throughout Sussex. Stock items can be with you in as little as 3 working days.

Why choose a wooden floor?

A wooden floor is classically elegant and it instantly warms up the look and feel of your space. It is much hardier than a carpeted floor which requires regular maintenance and cleaning. A wooden floor is simple to clean with a brush or a vacuum and it doesn’t hold onto smells and parasites like carpets often do.

Underfloor Heating

Our wooden floors are perfect for underfloor heating, unlike traditional wooden floors, they won’t bow or cup when the temperature changes. Wood is naturally thermal so it will heat up easily, creating a warm and toasty environment.

Avivastone specialize in the supply of natural flooring for use throughout your property, from authentic looking sandstone paving for you patio to bespoke oak flooring for your living room.

We stock a large range of products but also pride ourselves on being able to find exactly the right product you require. We cover the whole of Sussex and stock items can typically be with you within 3 working days.